In a world ruled by chaos

only the rise of Ashtaria brought peace among people.
Uriel‘s wrath however, threatens the Kingdom of Gihon expanding his corrupted army. As the dark brother of Ashtaria grows in power, the enlightened goddess is forced to retreat.
Who will face the forces of darkness?
“YOU are the chosen one”, thus says the Prophecy.

So, prepare yourself: Will you battle to fight the God emperor Uriel, or succumb to the obscure supremacy?


In ASHTARIA you will

  • create your hero
  • fight against lethal creatures, choosing your equipment among hundreds of items and weapons
  • evolve your character’s talents
  • master the power of magic, learning the spells of Terra, Etere, Luna and Sole dominions
  • experience an immersive Role-Play Game set in a fantasy world
  • be the protagonist of an epic story with a lot of adventures

Play it with your friends and help your allies to face the rise of Uriel and his dreadful army.